It’s not about the material, it’s about our capacity to shape things”

Theaster Gates TED Talk

The Alberta ReGeneration Project aims to find creative solutions for re-purposing oil and gas infrastructure that is currently considered liabilities back into assets again.

Alberta has a long history of oil and gas development and while this has provided the province with substantial economic benefits over the years it has also scattered the landscape with the infrastructure and accumulation of that development. Well bores, leases, pipelines, seismic lines, compressor stations, and old equipment are examples.

This infrastructure is currently a liability. It is a liability to the companies that hold the rights—many of whom find it cheaper to hold on to the properties than to abandon and reclaim them to their natural state—it’s a liability to landowners and, ultimately, a liability to the taxpayers and all citizens of Alberta.

But does all of this infrastructure need to be a liability? Could some of it not be repurposed, redeveloped, or re-imagined so that it could become an asset to businesses, landowners, and communities? Are there opportunities, for example, to incorporate solar, wind, or geothermal technologies onto existing oil and gas infrastructure? Can access roads and seismic lines be redeveloped into recreational infrastructure such as cross country ski and mountain biking trails?

The possibilities are endless and The Alberta ReGeneration Project’s approach is to act as a central hub, bringing together the ideas, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit of Albertans and all Canadians to solve a collective challenge.


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